Antiques are an item or a piece of art which is collectible, and they are usually old and desirable. An object may be collected because of its age, beauty, utility, emotional concerns and the unique features it possesses. An antique is usually more than a hundred years old. Initially, the word antiques referred to the pre-classical and classical cultures of the world, but now it is applied to all the ancient artifacts which are over 100 years. If you happen to collect antiques, then you might want to know some of the fun facts about these collectibles.


Fun Facts about Antiques:

  • The most expensive antique that was ever sold was in the year 2010 in the United Kingdom. It was a Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase and was auctioned for £53,000,000. The vase is said to be from the 1740s.
  • We all know Michel Jackson as the king of pop, but little do we know that he had a hobby of collecting antiques and his collection was worth more than a billion dollars. Some of his collections included French mirrors, furniture, porcelain figurines, etc.
  • The American Philatelic Society (APS) has supported stamp collecting from the year 1886. Now there are about 34,000 people from 110 different countries who are members of the society.
  • Some of the celebrities who collected stamps were Amelia Earhart, Charlie Chaplin, President Franklin D.Roosevelt, John Lennon, Queen Elizabeth, etc. President Franklin D.Roosevelt was so interested in collecting stamps that he even drew sketches of the type of commemorative stamps which he wanted the Postal Service of the United States of America to issue in the future.
  • If you are interested in collecting antique mirrors, then you can visit the antique mirrors Melbourne stores. They have some of the best antique mirror auctions and sales.
  • For the French, Wednesday is the day for selling all the old items. The new pieces are introduced on Thursday. So if you are looking for some antique French mirrors then try to shop on a Wednesday.
  • The antique Venetian mirror was so expensive; King Henry VIII and France’s Renaissance King, Francis were collectors of such antique mirrors, and it is known that they spend a lot of money on such antique mirrors. The antique Venetian mirror is said to cost as much as the home of an aristocrat would cost or the cost of a naval ship.
  • The Emerald & Diamond Tiara of French Emperor Napoleon III’s wife, was also one of the most expensive antiques that were sold. It was sold in the year 2011 at Sotheby.
  • The Mexicans used some of the first fashion mirrors in the 4000BC. In the first century, the Romans crafted a rudimentary mirror which is made of glass and has a metal at the back.