The World War I and II made a significant impact on all our lives, millions of lives were lost but a history was made, and we all hope that it is for the better. The things are how it is today because of these wars which were fought globally. Both the world wars were full of tragedy, but it has taught us about humanity and hope.  All the countries created some innovative devices so that their army can have the upper hand in the war. The antique collectors are keen in collecting such admirable objects which were used in the world wars. Souvenirs like wristwatches, pocket watches, belts, badges, jackets, caps, medals, etc. are collected.

Antiques of the WW1/WW2 Period

The following are some of the antiques from the World Wars.

  • Winston Churchill’s Snuff Box.
  • Churchill’s Typescript.
  • Peter White’s Archive.
  • Enigma Cipher Machine.
  • Hitler’s Mercedes Benz 770.

Winston Churchill’s Snuff Box:

Winston Churchill had a snuff-box which he used to hold his snuffs. When he lost to the Germans in the blitzkrieg attack on London, he gave the snuff-box to the doorkeeper of the House of Commons. The Snuff Box was later auctioned for about $24,000 in the year 2006 by Sotheby’s.

Churchill’s Typescript:

The typescript of Churchill which had the details of the invasion of Sicily and the ouster of Mussolini was auctioned for about $37,000 in the year 2003 by Sotheby’s. The script had handwritten corrections by Churchill himself, and it was typed three days after Mussolini was overthrown.

Peter White’s Archive:

It is always brilliant to record which thing happen to us. Peter white served in the Scotland Royal Army as the infantry platoon leader. He did a fantastic job of documenting the daily events from January 1st, 1938 to August 10th, 1944. All these documents and recollection were put in his diary, and he even drew sketches of specific incidents. His archives contain details which happened every day, and he also had several news clippings. The archive was sold in the year 2007, for $50,000 by an auction which was organized by Christine’s house. Peter White’s archive was auctioned along with a Kodak camera, four medals and the photos that were processed from that camera.

Enigma Cipher Machine:

The Enigma Cipher Machine was a spook hardware that was designed by the Germans, and the British code breakers used it to decipher the German Signals traffics. It exposed all the troop movements, orders, strategies, and other secret information. The Enigma Cipher Machine was sold in the year 2011 by Christie’s for $221,000, and it was perfectly in working condition when it was sold.

Hitler’s Mercedes Benz 770:

Hitler was quite fond of cars, and the Mercedes Benz 770 was the car which drove Hitler around during the World War II. The car was sold to a Russian Billionaire for $10 million.